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Show #1 Featuring an interview with Jack McMillan

Show #2 Featuring an interview with Laura Ross

Show #3 Featuring an interview with Rick Genstil

Show #4 Featuring Mr. bEaR Extraordinaire’s interview with  PETA rep Christina Sewell

Show #5 Featuring Zach Music Man & Jamie Melvin

Show #6 Featuring an interview with Ellen Jaffe Jones & Coach Kimi

Show #7 Featuring an interview with Keith Allison

Show #8 Featuring an interview with Sandie Sajner

Show #9 Featuring Jack McMillan

Show #10 Featuring Sophia Malloy

Show #11 Featuring Jack McMillan

Show #12 Featuring Dr Michelle Marconi

Show #13 Featuring Layne Connolly

Show #14 Featuring JD Kocher

Show #15 Featuring Mattie Moran       Brian Clement Video (Autism) 

Show #16 Featuring Diane Morgan and Michelle Marconi

Show #17 Featuring Nancy Samuels

Show #18 Featuring Yolanda Ramos

Show #19 Featuring Will Tuttle

Show #20 Featuring Helio Terra Vegan Cafe            Helio Terra Menu

Show #21 Featuring Laura Bronco and Steve Moore

Show #22 Featuring Pam Popper

Show #23 Featuring Steve Prousac

Show #24 Featuring Stacy Studer

Show #25 Featuring Dr Larry Karns

Show #26 Featuring Colleen Grossman

Show #27 Featuring John Marra

Show #28 Featuring Steve Moore & Jack McMillan

Show #29 Featuring Stacey Gow

Show #30 Featuring Aidan Keevan

Show #31 Featuring CJ Russell

Show #32 Featuring Mary Ann Billings

Show #33 Featuring Jason Kerston

Show #34 Featuring Rick Jenstil

Show # 35 Featuring Kelby Phiefer

Show # 36 Featuring Diane Morgan

Show # 37 Featuring Jack McMillin

Show # 38 Featuring Danielle Arsenauh

Show # 39 Featuring The Vegan Troubadour Song Special

5 thoughts on “Click below to listen to our shows!

  1. The Vegan Troubadour Show is going to be a great success! Good luck to you Jim and Jimi as you start this new adventure in podcasting and spreading the vegan message!

  2. Jim, Wow! You did a great job on this first show! You’re a natural. Smooth interviewing style, and wonderful blending of your creative, entertaining, and message-bearing songs throughout. Thanks for having me on and giving me the opportunity to help spread the vegan message. Your questions, and your input as a fellow vegan, really helped us present an informative dialogue on the subject to the public. Looking forward to listening to all your upcoming shows, and looking forward to being on again to get further into some of the topics we covered. Again, great job! Thanks for being such a dedicated, and talented, vegan advocate.

  3. Very entertaining show & your enthusiasm is palpable w/ both Veganism & your music. Good production, flow, interview, information & entertainment packed into 58 minutes. Showed a lot of hard work went into it – impressed :)

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